Thursday, April 14, 2016

Introducing Hoopla!

Back again for Day 5 of the April Papertrey Ink Release. Time to show you my new stitching dies for the month. The idea this month (and hopefully in the future too!), is to bring you fun and adorable ways to make embroidery hoop art. We're calling it the Hoopla line. Hope you find it as fun and versatile as we all do.

A quick run down of all the new dies:

Hoopla: Stitched Circle Bases dies
Hoopla: Stitched Scallops dies
Hoopla: Stitched Banner dies
Stitched Cupcake dies
Stitched Smile Cloud dies
Stitched Rainbow dies
Stitched Sunshine dies
Tiny Stitched Alphabet Blocks dies
Tiny Stitched Alphabet dies
Stitched Circle Holes dies

Let me show you what I'm talking about.


There is a bit of a spring weather theme this month with a Stitched Rainbow, Stitched Smile Cloud, and a Stitched Sun. I made this ensemble that includes two hoops and a rainbow nightlight for my daughter. It will go on a little table together in her room.


To focus first on the hoops, the smaller 3" hoop features the Stitched Sun, a small cloud from Stitched Rainbow that was stuffed with Poly-Fil and hot glued on, and a heart from Stitched Smile Cloud on an Ocean Tides felt backing. Because the width of our felt is 5", it is ideal for 3" hoops.

The "Smile" hoop shows off the Stitched Smile Cloud dies. All the elements are separate from the word "smile", to the heart raindrops, to the cloud, and even the "holes only" for the rain. This is a 4" hoop that uses fabric as the base layer that's been treated with Heat N' Bond. I was able to use the "holes only dies" on the fabric directly thanks to the stabilizer. The big cloud is stitched into the fabric. I puffed with up with Poly-Fil before completely closing it up.


The backs of all the hoops are finished for a clean, tidy look using cardstock. You even have an opportunity to add a sentiment here! FUN! This one is from Blue Skies. This little 3" hoop with these dies and sentiment is something I'm going to make a bunch of to give as gifts for when I need to hand out a little pick me up. I already need two more ASAP.

Here's a quick video to show you how to finish off your hoops in a similar manner.


And how about that nightlight?!?!?! I've had this idea for a long time and really the main reason I wanted a stitched felt rainbow. The Stitched Rainbow die was used two different ways. First, obviously, is the rainbow. Secondly, the little clouds can be cut separately, so I cut several of those and stuffed them with Poly-fil. The little hearts are from the Stitched Smile Cloud. And I also have a star from the Coffee Cozy Details Collection.


These felt pieces are strung on silver floss and attached to the inside of the glass with washi tape. They hang like a little mobile in a jar. This image isn't real pretty, but I thought you'd want the visual how-to. Also, the lid isn't very tight on the jar, because I found that these little hanging pieces tend to get wrapped up around each other as you screw on the lid. To cover up the gap created, I tied some Berry Sorbet Dotted Satin Ribbon adding both form and function.


I have a set of mini-lights twisted up on the bottom with a length of white tulle. To make the lights actually light up and the switch easily accessible took a little ingenuity and two trips to Lowes.

I knew I could get drill bits that would cut a hole in glass. Just didn't know where in Lowes to find them. Couldn't find a sales person to help me, so I asked a fellow customer who looked like he knew what to do as I was standing in the tool aisle looking at a wall of drill bits. The first thing he said to me was, "Honey, you aren't even looking at the drill bits."

Snort. How was I to know? If there is one place I don't belong, it's Lowes.

He couldn't find them, bless his heart for trying. So I took my husband back on the weekend and he found them for me. And he was a trooper by drilling a hole in this glass jar from Hobby Lobby for me on his only day off. He practiced on a few empty beer bottles first. :) He said it was "surprisingly easy." I just threaded the lights through the hole when he was done.


And just in case you want to do this yourself and don't want to be completely clueless in Lowes like I was (I've already fallen on that sword, no need for you to do it too), here'e the photo of the drill bits and mini lights (Hobby Lobby). You can find the bits in the tile and specialty tool section of Lowes and they were about $10 for the pack. My husband was more than happy to let me buy them for him with my business credit card. The least I could do for him.

Moving on to a few neat tricks with the new dies. Specifically the Hoopla: Circle Bases, Hoopla: Stitched Scallops, and the the Stitched Circle Holes Dies. These dies specifically coordinate with the Stitched Circles that were released two summers ago. You can find those here.


The largest Stitched Circle coordinates with the Hoopla: Stitched Scallops. You cut the quarter circle border  four times and it wraps around the stitched circle. You have the option of adding individual scallops in different colors as well.

The Hoopla: Stitched Circle Bases are four dies that coordinate with all but the smallest Stitched Circle. They allow you to add a bottom base to your circle for an alternative color and base line.


There are two new stitched alphabets with the Tiny Stitched Alphabet and Tiny Stitched Alphabet Blocks. These are based on a "nine-hole" square in which all the letters can be formed. Can't go any smaller then these!  Here they spell out "It's the little things that take up the most room in our heart" on a six inch embroidery hoop. Muslin is used as the base layer.

You probably noticed that I stitched a flair into the Hoopla: Stitched Scallop. Just another option for you  in addition to stitching the edge.


Here's a hint for the Stitched Tiny Alphabet Dies and Stitched Tiny Alphabet Block Dies. Use a fine tip Sharpie to mark the stitching guides on the backs. Helps you keep track of the letters too. Could be a bit confusing otherwise. Easy fix, especially if you do it before you cut them apart.


One last project for you featuring even more dies. We have the Stitched Circle Holes Dies. These are "holes only" dies that coordinate with the Stitched Circles. I know a lot of you have been asking for these! They also coordinate with the Hoopla: Stitched Bases.

On this project in particular, I had some fuchsia colored quilting fabric.  I treated it with Heat N' Bond and cut the Hoopla: Stitched Circle Hole die (the largest) into it. The fabric was wider than my cutting mat, so I folded the extra over to make it fit. Sort of burrito-like with the die in the middle. Worked great. I also cut the Stitched Banner "holes only" dies into the fabric as well. (The Stitched Banner dies would look adorable on cards! I'll do that soon to show you.)

The largest Hoopla: Stitched Circle Base is cut out of Hawaiian Shores felt and sewn into the fabric on the 6" hoop along with rest of the circle outline created with the Hoopla: Stitched Circle Holes.

The Stitched Cupcake was used here. There is an optional detail to add seed beads as sprinkles. I had to try that. It was a game of "bead chicken" yesterday as I sewed these in. I had EXACTLY enough. Whew!

There is a separate die on the Stitched Cupcake for the frosting. It doubles as a nice cloud. Just FYI.

I'm hoping to make a few birthday-themed hoops that will get busted out on birthdays. Easy, homespun decorations.

Thanks for joining me today. All the new stitching dies will be available on April 15th at 10 PM EST at And here's even more Hoopla inspiration on Nicole's blog.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Humble 2 Ounce Snack Cup

Back today for Day 3 of the Papertrey Ink April Countdown. I've got some more dies for you today. Of course, I do...right? HA!!

Paper Puff Die and Snack Cup Wrap by Papertrey Ink

I mentioned back in February that a lot of my products this year are very much inspired by my little life here at home taking care of my three little monkeys. Today's an excellent example. I go through quite a few bags of  2 ounce snack cups. You know what I'm talking about, right? Usually, you see them with "dressing on the side" at restaurants. I get them at Target for $3.12/50. A mere six cents a cup! With little snap-on lids they are the ideal size for candy and small sweet treats. I find them to be the perfect size for the kids. And myself for that matter. Portion control, baby.

Snack cups to fit Snack Cut Wrap Die by Papertrey Ink

Here's what a bag looks like. Like I said, I get these at Target. But they are on Amazon too. The price is higher. Around $8.00. But that includes shipping. Not completely unreasonable, considering.

I use them a lot in school lunches. Like I said, candy usually goes in them. You can really stretch bag of gummi bears this way. One day as I was filling some up, I was wishing I could decorate them a little bit. Maybe seasonally. And like that, an idea was born.

It doesn't take much when you work for PTI.

Snack Cup Wrap by Papertrey Ink

So I bring you the Snack Cup Wrap. Not unlike on Pint Sized Wrap from this time last year. (Another favorite!) It's a die that is perfectly sized to decorate these 2 ounce cups in patterned paper or card stock. Can you just imagine these as party favors?

In keeping with my original inspiration, I have decorated a bunch in seasonal themes for school lunches. I'll have them ready when I need them. The Monthly Moments pads worked well here.

Just a word. I sized this die with the Diamond brand cups. Which I find to be readily available. I'm not sure 2 ounce snack cups are a standard size across manufacturers. So if you want to go to Sam's or Costco and buy yourself 2500 of them, I'm not completely positive they would work. I suspect they do. How much can they vary, really? 2 ounces is 2 ounces. But I haven't tried anything other than the Diamond brand personally.

My advice on this topic. If you want to try another brand, go to a restaurant. Maybe something that isn't a chain. And just ask for an empty one. Then see if it works. I'm guessing they will. And chances are if it does, the owners bought the big old box from a warehouse store. You'll be good to go.

Snack Cup Wrap Die fits all of the 1 3/4" tags by Papertrey Ink

And the lids? Well...they fit all the 1.75" Limitless Layer circle stamps. SQUEAL!!!! The die for the lid is included in the Snack Cup Wrap Die.You can have some fun here folks!  A windfall of choices.


And that's just the jumping off point. Not done by a long stretch with these little beauties yet. Package them up with the new Snack Cup Box Die. This holds two snack cups together with lots of decorating possibilities. Betsy's new Tiny Town fronts work really well on the front. I'm using the school house here.

Snack Cup Box holds two snack cups with Snack Cup Wraps

The sides are open to show off the lovely colored wraps.

Teacher Tickets on top of Snack Cup Box by Papertrey Ink

A view from the top. I used Teacher Tickets (headed to The Vault in a few days) and the Ticket Die to decorate things here.

Just a Little Something stamp set fits the Snack Cup Box Die

I mentioned the other day about a happy accident. Here it is...the Just a Little Something stamp set + dies that was originally designed to go with the Vintage Favor Box (my original blog post here), also works on the new Snack Cup Box. I wish I could say I planned this out, but I didn't. It's perfect. Nice to have this option.


OK...still not done. I've got one more die that goes with the Snack Cup Wrap. How about we turn it into a cupcake with the new Paper Puff Die? Look at that swirl of "frosting".  I want to make dozens of these!

Super easy to do too. Here's a video about how the Snack Cup Die and Paper Puff Die work together. You'll be making cupcakes too in no time.

Snack Cup Wrap Die by Papertrey Ink + snack cups hold candy in style.

This is a really good idea for a party favor or even a little birthday gift. You can really fancy up a simple box of candy by separating the colors into different cupcakes and matching them to your wrappers or "frosting". Look how fancy these Mike N' Ikes look. Kids would love this little gift.

Snack Cup Wrap, Paper Puff Die, and Sprinkles on Top by Papertrey Ink

I had to try decorating a Paper Puff cupcake with last month's Sprinkles on Top. Here I stamped one of the borders on each of the rays of the Paper Puff Die and colored with Copics. When closed up, looks like we really have sprinkles on top.


Good enough to eat with even a button cherry on top.

Marquee Cover Plate and Sprinkles on Top stamp set by Papertrey Ink

Imagine giving a little candy treat with a matching card. Here I stamped Sprinkles On Top on Shape Up Series: Cupcake and colored in the same Copic colors. Sentiment and "sprinkles" dies from Make It Market Shakers and Sprinkles.  I also used my new Marquee Cover Plate for the outer frame on this card. Just an extra special touch.


One last idea for you because we like to give you options. Using the Paper Puff die a little differently here. Once assembled, I pressed down on the top with my hand, flattening it into more of a flower. Leaf Silhouette Dies help with the transformation.

Fancy Pants Sentiments and Paper Puff Die

The sentiment on this bag is from Fancy Pants Sentiments stamps and dies. I tried something new here. I first stamped in color (Raspberry Fizz and Orange Zest). Then I slightly moved my stamps and restamped in True Black for a colored shadow look. Maybe an additional step here would be applying water to the color for an easy watercolor look.

OK. That's a lot to take in! I hope you enjoyed these ideas. Sure to make party favors and school lunches and who knows what else more fun. Thanks for joining me today. All these new products are more will be available at on 4/15/16. Check out the group post for today to see how the girls used these new products and several more from Lizzie to wrap up all sorts of food gifts. It's going to be fun!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Introducing the Marquee Cover Plate

Back today for Day 2 of the Papertrey Ink Countdown for April. I couldn't stop with just one new cover plate. (In case you can't tell...I love these things!) We've got two for April. Yesterday, you saw Delightful. Today we have Marquee! It's fancy and modern at the same time. Just fun to use.

Just like Delightful, the Marquee Cover Plate has an extra dies within it that are separate from the ain frame and can be used to add color to the frame portions. It was killing me leave the middle of the die empty...I wanted to utilize that space. Which means extra dies for you, but for the same price of a regular Cover Plate. These frames were versatile before...even more so now with these additional "freebie" dies.


You can see here how I used them. The main frame piece is cut out of Ocean Tides. The three "freebie" dies from the middle are used to add the Vintage Jade, Aqua Mist, and Spring Rain swirls on the top and bottom. Or, alternatively, you could leave these additonal details out and the outer most frame on this card would have been completely the same color, Ocean Tides. I also used the inner most panel from Marquee in Mint Julep. I glued my pieces from Phrase Play #2 on top of it.


Next up, I'm using one of the extra "freebie" die on this card featuring Congratulations Paper Clippings Die. I used the outer most frame from Cover Plate Marquee in Lovely Lady. I added one additional detail in Soft Blush. Such an easy card, but it is full of great details.


Lastly, I created this card with last month's Just Desserts (dies and stamps) and used just one cut of the Marquee Cover Plate in Stamper's Select White. I removed the inner most portion and left the rest. You get that clean white look, but with all the added detail. Fancy.

That's it for me today. I'll be back tomorrow with something more! No stamps this month. Hoping to blow you away with all the dies:). Oh, the intrigue.

Thanks for stopping by. Both the Marquee and Delightful Cover Plates will be available at on 4/15/16. Check out Nichole's blog for more inspiration. And Melissa's got even more Cover Plate: Marquee projects today.


I'll Always Love You
Stamps: Phrase Play #2
Dies: Cover Plate: Marquee and Phrase Play #2
Cardstock: Ocean Tides, Mint Julep, Vintage Jadeite, Spring Rain, Aqua Mist, Stamper's Select White

Dies: Cover Plate: Marquee and Congratulations Paper Clippings

Celebrating Your Birthday
Stamps: Just Desserts
Dies: Cover Plate: Marquee, Just Desserts
Cardstock: Aqua Mist, Stamper's Select White
Red/White Patterned Paper Pack
Ink: Dark Chocolate, Pure Poppy, Blueberry Sky, Bright Buttercup, New Leaf, Aqua Mist, Soft Blush

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Introducing the Delightful Cover Plate Die

It's April release time at PTI! I've got several new products coming your way that I hope will delight! First up, we've got the Delightful Cover Plate. Like my previous cover plates, it is an intricate frame that separates and reassembles into beautiful options for your cards.

Delightful Dover Plate, Seeds of Knowledge, and Pencil Bloom Dies by Papertrey Ink

My first card shows all the gorgeous details. The inner frame (New Leaf) is sectioned into two parts. One is for stamping and the other border can  be left out for a sentiment or reassembled to add more color. There's even an additional detail die to add another strip of color on this part. That's exactly what I did with Spring Rain added to the Limeade Ice portion.

It's teacher appreciation time, so I pulled out last year's Seeds of Knowledge for a spring-time twist on the theme. The flowers and stems are from Just Smile (looks like it is headed for The Vault here in a few days) and I stamped them in a rainbow of color to match up with the sentiment.

Make a pencil bouquet for Teacher Appreciation with PTI's Pencil Bloom Dies

Don't forget your pencil bouquets for your teachers this year. I have some rainbow print pencils I picked up from Target topped with the Pencil Bloom Dies in colors that match the flowers in my card. If you want to see my original Pencil Bloom blog post, here's a link

Delightful Dover Plate by Papertrey Ink

On this card, I used just the inner frame on the Delightful Cover Plate and made a vertically oriented card. Simple and gorgeous. Love this card! Digging the different color combo of Soft Stone, New Leaf, Soft Blush, Aqua Mist, and Mint Julep too.

Seeds of Knowledge stamps and dies and Delightful Cover Plate by Papertrey Ink

And lastly, a card that shows a very happy accident. It's one that I'm thrilled with, but didn't plan one bit. LOVE LOVE LOVE when this happens. (I've got another one of these happy accidents this release too, be on the look out for that.) The smaller inner portion of the inner most frame of Delightful is apparently 4.25". Makes a perfect border for A2 cards. Here the frame was cut twice out of Stamper's Select cardstock and used as a border. I then used the "extra detail die" and cut that out of Winter Wisteria cardstock for the extra pop of color.

Using Seeds of Knowledge stamps and dies again here. You can't have enough teacher appreciation cards, right? 

A tip for these intricate dies to help them cut. And one that I had to employ several times this week when I had to use my Cuttlebug instead of my Vagabond (may it RIP). I run these dies through my Cuttlebug (which has less pressure than the Vagabond), with a metal shim and then cut them with several passes back and forth through the rollers. Because they are so intricate, they need a little extra attention. But they are so pretty and add so much to a card, they are definitely worth it. I can't stop using them.

This new product and more will be available on 4/15/16 at  More of today's inspiration can be found at Nichole's blog. Dawn's even got a few more cards featuring the Delightful Cover Plate. 


Every Child Card
Stamps: Seeds of Knowledge, Just Smile, Bitty Butterflies
Dies: Delightful Cover Plate, Butterfly Cover Plate, Pencil Blooms
Ink: Raspberry Fizz, Pure Poppy, Beautiful Buttercup, Mint Julep, Blueberry Sky, Winter Wisteria, New Leaf, True Black
Cardstock: Stamper's Select White, New Leaf, Limeade Ice, Spring Rain, Raspberry Fizz, Pure Poppy, Beautiful Buttercup, Mint Julep, Blueberry Sky, Winter Wisteria

Joyful Card
Stamps: Choose Joy
Dies: Delightful Cover Plate, Life if Beautiful
Cardstock: Soft Stone, New Leaf, Aqua Mist, Mint Julep, Stamper's Select White
Patterned Paper: Soft Blush Bitty Dot

What is Planted Card
Stamps: Seeds of Knowledge
Dies: Delightful Cover Plate, Seeds of Knowledge
Ink: Autumn Rose, Spring Rain, Blueberry Sky, Winter Wisteria, Scarlet Jewel, Simply Chartreuse
Cardstock: Spring Rain, Winter Wisteria, Stamper's Select White

Monday, March 14, 2016

Introducing New March Stitching Dies

Back today on the last day of the March Papertrey Ink reveals to show you my newest stitching die collection that is being released this month. This month's stitched trays are both pretty and practical. When you get down to it, I am a bit of a very pragmatic person. And I like to to have my projects serve a purpose as well as being fun to put together. These stitched trays in both rectangle and square shapes are great to corralling little items on a table top, dresser, or drawer. I can see mine holding my collection of simple charm necklaces (my signature jewelry piece) all over my house. And I need a few to keep my camera cards safe in my office. And maybe one in the entry for my keys. See...practical!

Stitched Rectangle Tray by Papertrey Ink

Let's get down to all the details, shall we? The March stitching dies include:

Stitched Square Tray
Stitched Square Tray Trim
Stitched Rectangle Tray
Stitched Rectangle Tray Trim
Stitched Bicycle
Stitched Folk Flower
Stitched Rectangle Monogram Frame
Stitched Square Monogram Frame
Stitched Felt Sequins

Stitched Folk Flower on Stitched Square Tray by Papertrey Ink

There are two sizes of trays, each sold separately. There is the Stitched Square Tray and the Stitched Rectangle Tray. Each size has two additional detail dies that fit on the bottom of the tray. You have a great view of the intricate and detailed Stitched Folk Flower on this Stitched Square Tray

Stitched Rectangle Monogram Frame with Stitched Rectangle Tray by Papertrey Ink

This Stitched Rectangle Tray features the new Stitched Rectangle Monogram Frame that is sized to fit the Sew Stylish Alphabet 1 and 2

Stitched Square and Stitched Rectangle Tray with Trim by Papertrey Ink

You also have the option of adding a felt trim with the Stitched Square Tray Trim and the Stitched Rectangle Trim.  The trim is shown here in Pure Poppy felt. 

Basic Stitched Square Tray with Stitched Ladybug Detail

You can go without the trim as well. Here is a basic version of the Stitched Square Tray photographed with the dies used to create it. The Stitched Square Tray and the Stitched Rectangle Tray both come with two "holes only" button placement dies on backers that fit the contours of the tray corners. These little dies place holes for perfect placement of buttons, two per side. 

Stitched Square and Rectangle Trays Held Together by Wrapping Thread Around Buttons

When thread is wound around two buttons on adjacent sides, the tray edges fold up and hold it together in a three dimensional shape. You'll need 8 buttons, sized a little less than 1/2" per tray.  You tie off your thread per corner and your knot is hidden by a button. 

Stitched Square Tray with Stitched Square Trim Die

To contrast with the basic tray assembly, you can see the additional Stitched Square Tray Trim die that is needed to create the Pure Poppy trim on this Stitched Square Tray. You cut this particular die twice. The two longer trim pieces wrap around the corner tray and get stitched into the adjacent side, holding the tray together. The smaller trim pieces cover up the ends of the longer trim for a seamless look along the top of the tray. The trim is available in both the square and rectangle shapes. 

Want to see this all in action. Here's a video tutorial that I put together demonstrating both the basic Stitched Square Tray and the Stitched Rectangle Tray with Stitched Rectangle Trim.

Stitched Square Trays with Stitched Square Monogram Frame Detail

More on the additional detail dies this month. You've seen the Stitched Folk Flower and the Stitched Rectangle Monogram Frame in trays above. There is also a Stitched Monogram Square Frame which I've used two different ways here. The Stitched Square Tray on the left holds a monogram from the Sew Stylish Alphabet 1 and 2.  But various other fun items can be housed within the frame as well. Such as the Stitched Ladybug on the right. Super cute. 

Stitched Bicycle on Stitched Rectangle Tray by Papertrey Ink

The last of the detail dies this month is the Stitched Bicycle!!! I've wanted to do this shape forever. Isn't it cute? It fits nicely on the bottom of the Stitched Rectangle Tray and is complete with spokes, book rack, and a basket. 

Stitched Rectangle Tray and Stitched Bicycle by Papertrey Ink

This Stitched Rectangle Tray with Stitched Rectangle Tray Trim and Stitched Bicycle is part of a little gift for a neighborhood girl. I do a lot of work sitting in a lawn chair on the sidewalk, supervising my kids playing in the neighborhood. Alexis usually swings by on her bicycle and is very curious about what I'm doing. I told her this month I'm make something special just for her. 

Small Stitched Alphabet Along Side of Stitched Rectangle Tray by Papertrey Ink

There's enough room on the long edge side of the Stitched Rectangle Tray for a stitched name made with the Small Stitched Alphabet

Stitched Rectange Tray Trim Used as Sentiment Strip for Papertrey Ink

I made a matching card to give with the stitched tray using Pedal Pusher. Of course. Alexis has a little dog that is always out with her, so I wanted to put a doggy in the basket. So cute. Bloomin' Cute stamps and word dies are used on this card too. And if you notice, I've used the Stitched Rectangle Tray Trim as a sentiment strip. YAY! Works perfectly and gives you another use for these stitching dies. I'll be doing this a lot. 

Stitched Sequins on Stitched Coaster by Papertrey Ink

One last die for you this month with the Stitched Felt Sequins. Do you remember the Christmas Tree Change Up Stitching Dies? The more intricate version features little felt "sequins", which you can see here. These little circles are super handy ways of adding color to "holes only" designs such as the Stitched Rectangle Monogram Frame and the Stitched Square Monogram Frame dies. I used a lot of them here to add a scallop border to a Stitched Felt Coaster

I've created a two PDF's for you featuring all these dies. First there is a Stitching Guide PDF that shows you how all the detail dies go together. I also included two designs using the Stitched Felt Sequins die with the monogram frames.  And there is also a March Stitching Die Compatibility Chart which offers up mix and match options of these new dies with previously released stitching dies. 

Click here to see those. Printing them out is also a great option: 

I hope you are as excited about these dies as I am. The girls have been busy stitching away. You can find links to a full day's inspiration on Nichole's blog. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sweet Inspiration

Back today with more projects using my birthday themed products for the March 2016 release for Papertrey Ink. Today the team is featuring them along with Lizzie's amazing multi-stamp cake set. I'm excited to see what the girl's have been up to. They are so inspiring!!!

Big Birthday Candle Dies and Frosted Borders by Papertrey Ink

I wanted to create a card with lots of birthday candles. I just cut a bunch at once out of Stamper's Select cardstock. The official birthday number is in color to create the focal point. And I just couldn't resist using a Frosted Border along the right-hand edge.

Stamp Big Birthday Candles Dies in any color scheme

I wanted to go a classic birthday candle route with polka dot primary colors. I used Polka Dot Basics to create the dots on the Big Birthday Candle Dies, but was thinking Confetti Toss would be another good option. Or even any grouping of small stars. It's up to you! 

The Big Birthday Candles set has dies for wicks, but I decided because I had so many to add on this project, that I'd just use twine. Gives a more realistic look. And I think this might be my default look from here on out. 

Reassemble Big Birthday Candle cut cuts upside down and hold together with double sided tape

Big Birthday Candles is a larger size die set. And in order to be more cost efficient, I didn't do backer dies. It would have more than doubled the cost. That's no good. So how am I'm keeping all these layers together? Here's a trick. Assemble them upside down and add some double side tape. You need adhesive anyway, right? Easy as can be. This is also how I have been assembling all my new die cut frames (Pretty, Charmed, and Scrolled).

Sprinkles on Top by Papertrey Ink

Next up, a card for all your colorists. Sprinkles on Top is perfect for those who like to color. I used the Sprinkle on Top stamp set and dies to create two sprinkled borders that I colored with Copics. An easy sentiment using Maile's new Shaped Saying: Birthday die.  

Two shades per color for coloring Sprinkles on Top.

Sharing a tip about coloring that I've come up with to make the process easier and more dimensional. It is a little different than standard Copic blending. Usually you would take two or three close shades and blend them within a single shape. I'm not doing that here. While I am taking two shades of each color, I'm not blending. Instead I'm coloring each sprinkle with one marker to keep things easy, but coloring some of the sprinkles the lighter shade and some the darker. You have some variation and your eye reads it is more of a blend of color. Keeps it simple. 

Sprinkles on Top and Frosted Borders by Papertrey Ink

Lastly today, I have another little coloring project for you. I wanted chocolate frosting. In a bad way. Like seriously...somebody make me a cake already. So after coloring a border of rainbow sprinkles using Sprinkles on Top, I filled in the white areas with a brown marker. Because I was only doing it for a little strip to fit on this tag, it was not a chore at all. I covered the seam with the flower-style Frosted Border die and heat embossed in red an image from Sentiment Signs (a favorite). 

Check out what the girl's have done and learn more about all these new products at Nichole's blog. Thanks for stopping by today! And I hope you are in the mood for making some birthday cards. Aren't these fun products to use? All these new birthday products are available now at Here's a direct link to each one:

Sprinkles on Top Stamp Set
Sprinkles on Top Die Set
Frosted Borders
Big Birthday Candle Dies


10th Birthday Card
Stamps: Polka Dot Basics, KIS: Birthday
Dies: Big Birthday Candles, Frosted Borders
Cardstock: Lemon Tart, Bright Buttercup, Pure Poppy, Blueberry Sky, Stamper's Select White
Ink: Blueberry Sky, Pure Poppy, New Leaf, Enchanted Evening

Sprinkled Birthday Card
Stamps: Sprinkles on Top
Dies: Sprinkles on Top, Shaped Sayings: Birthday
Cardstsock: Hawaiian Shores, Stamper's Select White, New Leaf

Chocolate Frosting Tag
Stamps: Sprinkles On Top, Sentiment Signs
Dies: Frosted Border Dies, Tag Sale 2
Cardstock: Dark Chocolate, Stamper's Select White
Zing! Embossing Powder