Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Colorful Treats, Another Helping

Still crafting away here with the July Papertrey Ink Countdown. Got another card using my new Colorful Treats stamps/dies and the Awning Cover Plate today.  This time, I'm using the layered cake image, which is something that hasn't been used before.

Colorful Treats, Awning Cover Plate, and Fancy Pants Sentiments Coloring Sheets by Papertrey Ink

This piece of cake on a plate has six layers, one to color with every shade of the rainbow if you so choose. Or not. Up to you. Here I made it a chocolate cake with blue icing to match the colors on the sentiment. The sentiment is a coloring sheet from the Fancy Pants Sentiments Coloring Sheets. Big and bold in a way that we can't do in stamps for a lower price point, but can certainly do on paper. Which is a fun option. I framed it all off with the new Awning Cover Plate, turned on it's side and using the detailed scallop dies that are included as an extra. Very pretty. 

Colorful Treats, Awning Cover Plate, and Fancy Pants Sentiments Coloring Sheets by Papertrey Ink

I mentioned yesterday that each sweets image has a corresponding solid stamp that highlights an area with clear embossing powder on the detailed image. For the cake, the plate can be shiny with clear embossing powder if you so choose. I like how a few little specks of embossing powder got on the cake layers, looking like crumbs. Can't make that happen if I tried. 

That's it from me today. Hope you are enjoying the countdown. All these treats and more can be found at at 10 PM EST on July15th. Just a few more days away.

More inspiration can be found today at Nichole's blog

Thanks for stopping by.

Stamps: Colorful Treats
Dies: Awning Cover Plate, Colorful Treats
Paper: Fancy Pants Sentiments Coloring Sheets
Stamper's Select White Cardstock

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

More Colorful Treats

Hey Everybody. Back again for another day of Colorful Treats inspiration for the July Papertrey Ink Countdown. I have a coordinating cover plate as well called Awning, that invokes a colorful shop window on a card front. They look fantastic together. Let me show you.

Colorful Treats and Awning Cover Plate by Papertrey Ink

I'm using both the new Awning Cover Plate and Colorful Treats stamps and dies on this card. There is a lot of open room on the Awning Cover Plate, so in that space I included two additional dies (plain and detailed) that just cut the inside of the elongated scallops. That way you can easily swap out the color without having to cut a whole piece of A2 cardstock. (Hey, if you've got the space, use it, right?) In this case I cut a black and white polka from the oldie but goodie, Black and Whtie Basics Patterned Paper. 

Glossy Detail to Colorful Treats by Papertrey Ink

Another really neat feature of this collection is the detail stamps I've included for each of the five treats. They are solid stamps that allow you to add Versamark to specific areas of the sweets images. That way, you can heat emboss in clear powder and have a realistic shine. For the cupcake, you have a solid stamp to add embossing powder to just the cherry on top, which I did here in this example. 

When I was designing this set, I very much had a rainbow theme on my mind. Very much inspired by all the rainbow desserts I saw on Pinterest. Each of the five treats can be colored in a rainbow scheme. Which is fun to do. That looks like a delicious cupcake to me! 

Also, I used the Stitched Circles: Holes Dies to create the dotted circle on my project. Definitely a fun die set to have that goes beyond the felt projects I create. 

Sentiments from Colorful Treats by Papertrey Ink

Here's a peek at two sentiments from this set. The cupcake one in particular can be used with not only with the cupcake in Colorful Treats, but with any of the cupcake stamps you have in your collection. Just tickles my funny bone. Although I do love a good muffin from time to time. Ain't nothin' wrong with a muffin. 

Colorful Treats and Awning Cover Plate by Papertrey Ink

One more project for you today using Colorful Treats and the Awning Cover Plate. I mentioned that each detailed image has a coordinating solid stamp to add embossing powder to specific parts of the image. On the lollipop, the solid stamp covers the entire portion of the lollipop (not the stick). So instead of using my Copics to color the lollipop, I used that solid stamp instead. I inked it up with gradients of ink and then stamped it. I overlaid the detail image on top. And then, I took a white gel pen and added the thin strips in white. Just an alternative to the big coloring treatment. 

Another fun thing to do is to cut off the paper sticks and add realistic sticks. I have some thin popsicle sticks that I used here. Topped them with bows from one of my all time favorite sets, Bells & Boughs. Man, that thing is a classic. 

The sentiment is from Colorful Treats and the elongated scallops on the bottom are from the Awning Cover Plate. Lots of neat ways to use it.

Thanks for joining me and popping in to see what I've been up to. The girls are featuring this stamp set today, so link through Nichole's blog to see some great inspiration. Colorful Treats stamps and dies and the Awning Cover Plate will be available on July 15th at 10 PM EST at  if you would like to try it out for yourself. It's a fun one! 


Cupcake Card
Stamps: Colorful Treats
Dies: Colorful Treats, Awning Cover Plate, Double Ended Banner, Stitched Circles: Holes
Cardstock: Simply Chartreuse, Aqua Mist, Stamper's Select White, Pure Poppy
Ink: True Black
Patterned Paper: Black and White Basics

Lollipop Card
Stamps: Colorful Treats, Boughs and Bells
Dies: Awning Cover Plate, Colorful Treats, Boughs and Bells
Ink: Hibiscus Burst, Raspberry Fizz, Pure Poppy, Winter Wisteria, Amethyst Allure, Royal Velvet, True Black
Cardstock: Stormy Seas, Stamper's Select White

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Day 1 of Colorful Treats

Hello and Happy July! Time for another countdown with Papertrey Ink and I have a few little things to share. I've got a new stamp set called Colorful Treats to show you. It's a collection of five detailed dessert images with matching sentiments. Super fun. Who doesn't like treats?

I'm showing you the sprinkled waffle cone filled with soft serve today. Anybody else craving ice cream? I colored it in pastel shades. A lot of the new colors we have the shop work really well with an ice cream theme. Here I used Pale Peony and Mint Julep. The ice cream cone is framed with one of my favorite products, the Scrolled Cover Plate. It is mostly cut out of Mint Julep cardstock and mounted on a Mint Julep card base. I was cleaning off my desk the other day and found the inner burst frame in Stamper's Select White in the mess. Decided to add it to this card, right on top of the frame. Perfect!

The sentiment is really a personal motto. Anytime, anywhere. Let's stop for ice cream. Oh man, especially this time of year. It's stamped on this amazing frame from Betsy's Paper Clipping Birthday Detail Die set.

I never lived anywhere near my grandparents. But I often got ice cream money in the mail from them. .I think I need to put a five in this card and send to my niece in Baltimore just to keep the tradition alive.

That's it from me. I'll be back tomorrow with another card using Colorful Treats. More projects and inspiration on Nichole's blog. And Colorful Treats stamps and dies will be available at July 15th at 10 PM EST at if you want to add it to your collection. It's a fun one!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Need for Speed Day 3 and New Stitching Dies

Group post day for the June Papertrey Ink Release and it's all about transportation! In addition to my Need for Speed set, On the Road Die, and Nichole's Road Signs stamp sets, I've got dies to make felt cars and trucks to round out the collection! So adorable! Perfect for the little kids in your life.

As you can see, the new Stitched Car and Stitched Truck dies are full of wonderful detail. Great for toys, mobiles, ornaments, and a Hoop-la project.

Funny story. I originally had a Tropical Teal car. It is the one I demo in the how-to video below. Well, Sully had been watching all this felt vehicle assembly with a great deal of interest. Wanted to know when he could have them. Told him more than once that I needed to photograph them first.

Well, I go to photograph them and that Tropical Teal car is gone. I spend two hours tearing this house apart looking for it. I did everything I could think of to get the kid to confess. Nothin'. He's had nothin' to tell me. So, I  had to make the Royal Velvet car this past Sunday afternoon. I wasn't too happy about it, but at least I got to watch a movie while I steamed on the couch.

As for that Tropical Teal car...still hasn't shown up a week later. Maybe Sully took it and forgot where he left it. Or maybe one of the cats took off with it. In any case...these little toys were a big hit here. They might well be at your house too.

Here's a close up of the Stitched Car. A little tip. I think using a gray floss on black floss I find the black floss on black felt makes things tough to see when stitching things up.

Here's a handy reference sheet to guide you in the cutting process for the Stitched Car. 

Next to Hot Wheels, Sully does have another love in his life. We recently got a new truck for all our camping adventures. He loves it! Sully and I took "Big Red" joyriding the other day after preschool pick-up. This kid was having the time of his life! When you are almost four, a ride in a pick up truck to Noodles and Co. with mom is all that and a bag of chips. So of course, I had to make him a Big Red of his very own out of Pure Poppy felt. 

And here's a shot of the Stitched Truck. This one has enough room along the truck bed to personalize with a shorter name or word. I used the Tiny Stitched Alphabet Die to squeeze Sully's name in. You might have room for a sixth letter if you really squeeze them together.

I put together a video to show you how the Stitched Car goes together. The Stitched Truck is the exact same construction, so refer this video for those how-tos as well.

I'm actually coming back today from a little weekend trip. I'm not sure if I'll have internet where I am going (and I actually try to avoid it a bit). This video is set to unlisted and will switched by Nichole to public this morning. Not sure if the embed video link will work here on my blog with that switcheroo. So if it isn't showing up here, check out Nichole's blog for it. And I'll fix everything this afternoon when I have a chance. 

Moving on to some Need for Speed cards. I created a subtle race car with Classic Kraft, Dark Chocolate, and Scarlet Jewel ink. It's on a track made out of the Rainbow Stripes Die (a fav of mine) in tones of Canyon Clay, Americana, and Scarlet Jewel. The sentiment is from Need from Speed as well. 

And I though with all these masculine cards zooming around today, a pink card for a lady would be a nice change of pace. I mean...I like to drive, don't you? I'm totally killing it with coolness in my mini-van, let me tell ya. (I'll take Big Red any day of the week.) So I created this pink race car zooming across this card with a sentiment from Need for Speed that can be much appreciated by both genders. I also used the stop sign from Nichole's Road Signs to tie it all together. Love it. Who says you have to use traditional color palettes? Go off roading a bit with something not typical.

Here's a quick video I put together with a few stamping tips and tricks for Need for Speed.

That's it for me. I hope you enjoy all this four wheelin' fun. Everything is a big hit at my house with my little boy. And even my rather jaded husband was impressed. That's saying somethin'. 

Check out more inspiration from the whole team over at Nichole's blog. All these new products will be available 6/15/16 at at 10 PM EST.  Can't wait to see it myself.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Need for Speed Day 2

I have another Need for Speed card for you today for the June Papertrey Ink Countdown. It just so happens that Sully Hot Wheel's birthday is in a few weeks. And so, here is his card. 

Not only do we have a Green Parakeet and Tropical Teal race car with a very appropriate sentiment to match up with it, but I'm showing you the new On the Road Die too. This road border die has cut outs to place yellow road lines. The whole thing is sized to be a nice fit for the width of the Need for Speed cars as they race down the road, leaving tire marks in their tracks. :) The tire tracks are one stamp and they are sized to fit the wheel base of the car for easy scene building. So much fun.

I'll be back tomorrow with more. Thanks for stopping by and if you are interested in adding Need for Speed to your collection, it will be available 6/15/16 at 10 PM EST at More inspiration today at Nichole's blog.


Stamps: Need for Speed
Dies: On the Road, Need for Speed
Ink: Green Parakeet, Tropical Teal, True Black, Stormy Seas, and Pure Poppy
Cardstock: Green Parakeet, Stormy Seas, Summer Sunrise, Tropical Teal, Stamper's Select White

Friday, June 10, 2016

Need for Speed Day1

Hey Papertrey Peeps. It's time for another monthly countdown with PTI! I've got some products releasing this month that were inspired by one special little boy in my life. My almost four-year-old Sullivan is singularly OBSESSED with Hot Wheels.

The use of the word "obsessed" is actually a bit of an understatement in this situation. The kid lives and breathes Hot Wheels. (I have no idea where he gets this obsessive personality's not like I'm that way with my hobbies...wink.) We have been instructed to refer to him as "Sully Hot Wheel" instead of "Sully Lincoln". He was in the pool yesterday splashing around a bit with this most blissed out look on his face and when I asked him what he was thinking about, he said...wait for it...I'm sure you'll be shocked..."Hot Wheels!" And as you can see, he often expresses love in terms of his favorite toy....

So, naturally, Mama had to come up with a stamp set that was inspired by Hot Wheels. Goodness knows, I step on and kick out of the way enough "inspiration" on a daily basis around here. It's almost like I'm being being beaten on the head with the idea. Which isn't a stretch. Sully often finds himself in time out because he's chucked a toy car across the room at something. We've all learned to duck.

The Need for Speed stamp set and dies consists of three multi-step race cars. I'm letting the cat out of the bag all at once here by showing you all three. By designing them from the top, you get to see all the fun details. They are really fun to stamp and in various color combos.

Also included are several car-themed sentiments. The racy font is used on key words and those are separate stamps for different color treatments.

This is also a set of tire tracks in the set with the width matching the wheel base of the cars. I did some selective stamping of it (only stamping up one track instead of two)  here on this card to frame the sentiment.

A different angle here so you can see what I did with embossing powder. All the windows were embossed with clear powder on black ink, the metal pieces (bumpers, hood details) with silver, and the white stripes on the Amethyst Allure car is white embossing powder. The white pops against the Soft Stone die cut and card base. All these little touches give a realistic look to the cars.

That's it for me. More Need for Speed over the next few days. Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek. Need for Speed will be available to purchase on June 15th, 2016 at 10 PM EST at And more release inspiration can be found at Nichole's blog here.


Stamps: Need for Speed
Dies: Need for Speed
Cardstock: Soft Stone
Ink: Pure Poppy, Amethyst Allure, Hawaiian Shores, Tropical Teal, True Black

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Wrapping It Up with a Few More May Projects

The last day of the May Papertrey Ink countdown for moi. I'm here with a few more projects using my new May products for you. Just having some fun creating over here in my little office.

Sweet Dreams tags and Pajama Patch Dies by Papertrey Ink, works for both pajamas and ugly sweaters

How about a few Christmas tags for you using Sweet Dreams and Pajama Patch Dies? That little touch of felt just takes them over the top. 

Sweet Dreams and Pajama Patch Dies by Papertrey Ink

Christmas pajamas are a big deal around here. I set them out on December 1st for the kids and personally enjoy that cozy sweetness all season long. Of course, I included a sentiment in Sweet Dreams that would work well with the whole Christmas pajama concept. 

I used the coordinating Sweet Dreams dies to create a white base that I stamped the long sleeve pajama top on. I also stamped the same image onto patterned paper (All Through the House paper pad) and hand trimmed the pajama top minus the cuffs and then glued on the base for a paper pieced look. I stitched in a felt Christmas tree using the Pajama Patch dies. Sweetness. Sentiment is stamped on a Tag Sale #10 die

Sweet Dreams, Pajama Patch Dies, and Come All Ye Faithful Additions by Papertrey Ink

I did the exact same thing on this tag, but used a sentiment from Come All Ye Faithful Additions. Now it isn't a pajama top, but can be used for an ugly sweater theme. Just another way you can stretch your stamps a bit. 

Use Sweet Dreams by Papertrey Ink to put together the best kid gift ever that every parent will appreciate

Today's a big deal here with my littlest nephew's birthday party. It's a doggie themed celebration. I went with it with this gift. 

As a parent of a bunch of little kids, I'm overwhelmed a little bit with the toys. So a gift like this would be SO VERY APPRECIATED. If you are needing a gift idea for a child, I'm telling you with all honesty, this is the way to go.  A new set of jammies and a new bedtime book. And of course a card to match. Really folks...this is the best gift! Works for any kid. And you will be beloved by the parents for not contributing to the toy avalanche. 

Sweet Dreams, Tiny Treats Valentines, Tremendous Treats Valetines, and Stitched Banners by Papertrey Ink

And the thing is, with the Sweet Dreams stamp set and dies, you can make your paper pajamas match the actual pajamas you're giving! Which is just so very fun. I colored the jammies here to match the ones I'm giving, all the way down to the doggie on the top. And how about that sentiment? It's a fun one to tie it all together.

Colorful Words, Marquee Cover Plate, Stitched Shamrock, and Pajama Patch Dies by Papertrey Ink

One last card using Colorful Words. I matched it up with the Stitched Clover. On top of that, I used the heart from the Pajama Patch Dies. And the Marquee Cover Plate adds some interest to the background. A special card that I can't wait to give. 

All these new products will be available tomorrow night at The store is updated at 10 PM EST. I hope you'll be adding some new goodies to your collection. Make sure you send me a link to your creations, I'd love to see what you are creating.

More inspiration on Nichole's blog with the new Make It Market Mini Kit. Yeah...that will be coming home here:). 

Thanks for joining me this month. Be back soon.